Fuerteventura Film City

A space dedicated to making dreams.

With the best existing soundproofing qualities and construction techniques.



Studio 1

Film City is divided into several buildings, with all kinds of facilities. Studio 1 consists of 1750 m2 building and is fully equipped with makeup, dressing rooms and workspaces. Nearby, are workshops of carpentry and steel, technical material, wardrobe, and art departments warehouses.


Studio 2.

Is located in the western part of the complex and has easy access for heavy vehicles. It spans 3000 m2 and is perfectly insulated from any external noise using the latest technologies and materials available in the market.


Water Tank

Located in the backlot, in front of the sea, is the outdoor water tank with an area of 1750 m2. It stretches 150 linear meters parallel to the Atlantic Ocean, facing southeast. The tank has a cavity with a depth of 4 meters and dimensions of 16 square meters.


Costume Storage

The costume warehouses are equipped with structures to store the costumes for each project, with easy access from the sides.

Props Storage

There are three art warehouses in the complex, which can also serve as workshops. Art Warehouse 1 spans 1,300 m2 and is located nearby Studio 1. Art Warehouse 2, with a dimension of 1,300 m2, is situated in the center of the complex, away from the studios to prevent acoustic contamination during work. Warehouse 3 covers an area of 5,100 m2 and is located next to the water tank area, with ample access for large vehicles.

Technical Equipment Storage

There are central storage warehouses and workshops for technical equipment, where maintenance is carried out for lighting, camera, and grip gear. From this space, the equipment is distributed to the studio warehouses according to the needs of each project, ensuring that all technical equipment is constantly checked and maintained.

Fuerteventura Island of Dreams

Fuerteventura Island of Dreams – Moments in Paradise: In colour” will transport you to this island of dreams, will take you in your thoughts on a journey to paradise

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